Pedro Ximénez sauce with raisins

The Pedro Ximénez sauce with raisins is a very special sauce, without preservatives and gluten-free, which will bring a unique flavour and a personal touch to your dishes.

This sauce goes perfectly with pork. It can also be used with chicken and fish.

It goes well with a warm salad as a starter or even as a dessert, going perfectly with salty and blue cheeses.

Shake well before use.

Ingredients: Pedro Ximénez young wine (33.80%), Pedro Ximénez macerated wine (33.80%), sugar, water, modified potato starch, Pedro Ximenez aroma, colouring: liquid caramel and salt. Contains sulphites.

Gluten free / No preservatives

Allergy information: Contains sulphites


Valores medios por 100g
Valor energético 1024 kJ
242 kcal
Grasas saturadas
Hidratos de carbono
Fibra alimentaria 0.5g
Protenías 0.7g
Sal 0.10g

Storage Instructions: This product does not need to be kept cold for transport and storage. Keep in a clean, cool and dry environment. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within one month.

Available sizes • Net weight: 215g, 330g (image) and 1300g