Salsas Asturianas new spot

Salsas Asturianas S.L is a relatively young company. Its beginnings like CHIMICHURRI THE HORREO towards 1997, where brothers of a mining family with their respective works come together to manufacture and to sell to small butchers our Chimichurri L’Horriu.
There is a curiosity about the world of sauces. This curiosity, leads us to become interested little by little in research and development, which is something that we bet from the beginning but we have suffered many bumps until we can reach this development and found Salsas Asturianas S.L.

Asturian family with mining roots; One of the founders was a miner for many years until having an unfortunate accident that forced him to stay in bed for two years and although it was a very hard recovery never left aside his concern to do things and want to start a new adventure. Adventure that was derived in an illusion and professionalization looking for a differentiation in the market. Illusion to create a company, jobs, research and development laboratory, learn from day to day …

We wanted to make an ode in this spot, to the mining, to our roots, to all those people who feel identified with the situation. That they have lost loved ones, that has created a lot of employment in the Mining Basin where we are and that we never forget where we come from.