We like all things natural

We like all things natural. We were founded and have grown in a rural environment in a small corner of Asturias, and are very proud of our traditions which focus on local flavours.

We have learned to appreciate, to value and to be thankful for natural products from the environment around us, so the premium quality of raw materials is the main and essential “ingredient” in our products.


We like to improve

Our Research, Development and Innovation team works constantly developing new ways to aid work in the kitchen. Creating new flavours and recipes, without straying from our traditional path, and investigating new ways of conserving products, whilst maintaining their natural character.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies in food production systems, taking care of the control of raw materials and hygiene requirements in compliance with current European legislation.

We like to enjoy our gastronomy

This is shown in both the dedication and involvement of our staff, and in the high level of demand in the final product.

History and commitment of the company

For more than a decade, SALSAS ASTURIANAS has specialised in the processing and packaging of all kinds of dressings, condiments and preserved desserts.

Specifically, the company was founded in 2001 when the managers decided to start up in the sector with clear ideas for ​​the future, armed with experience gained over the years. The proof of that evolution and progress was demonstrated in 2005 when we opened a new factory which currently has the most up-to-date mechanical equipment.

Ever since the start we have been clear that quality and specialization would be our main priorities. In order to achieve this, we included a R&D laboratory and a safety laboratory in our new factory, which together with our highly qualified staff, ensure the development and improvement of products.

For the preparation of each and every one of our products we use high quality raw materials. For example, to make the Cabrales cheese sauce, we use cheese straight from the caves of the municipality of Cabrales; the piquillo peppers come from Navarra and the milk is from the Central Lechera Asturiana (Asturian milk churn).

Our distribution is both on a national level (to major shopping centres and supermarkets) and international level (through the HORECA network). Moreover, we deliver directly to our customers.

We at salsas asturianas invite you to get to know and taste our products.